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VK App widget plugin

App widget allows you to open a game from VK catalog directly from your site with just one click

VK Authorization widget plugin

Using Authorization widget you can easily provide users with the possibility to be authorized on your resource

VK Comments widget plugin

This enables VK users to comment on your materials without having to register on your site

VK Community Messages widget plugin

With the help of "Community Messages" widget you can create a fast tool for communication with VK users and add it to your website

VK Community widget plugin

A Community widget links your site with your VK community. Your users will be able to subscribe to your VK feed without leaving the page
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VK Contact Us widget plugin

With "Contact Us" widget you may add a quick and handy contact button for a site in 5 minutes

VK Like widget plugin

With Like widget your visitors can express their attitude towards an article with one click or immediately share the link to it with their friends

VK Playlist widget plugin

This widget allows you to add favourite bands' albums, announce your own new records or share a fresh selection of music easily and quickly

VK Poll widget plugin

Using Polls widget you can create a poll for users of your site within 5 minutes by embedding the corresponding module in any place on your page

VK Post widget plugin

Allows to publish a post or comment from vk on your website

VK Recommendations widget plugin

Recommendations widget creates a dynamic module with the most popular materials on your site

VK Share widget plugin

You will allow VK users to share links to your materials with their friends
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