Sitemap Xml plugin

Sitemap. There are two popular versions of sitemaps, and nopCommerce supports both of them. An XML sitemap is a structured format of a site that a visitor doesn't need to see. The sitemap gives information about the pages on a site to search engines: their relative importance to each other, and how often they are updated. HTML sitemaps are designed for users, to help them find content on a page. They don't need to include each subpage. HTML sitemaps help both visitors and search engine bots find pages on the site.

Sitemap Xml plugin - Features View details
  • FreeInclude/Exclude Home page
  • FreeInclude/Exclude Product Search page
  • FreeInclude/Exclude Contact Us page
  • FreeInclude/Exclude News Archive page
  • FreeInclude/Exclude Blog page
  • FreeInclude/Exclude Boards page
  • FreeIncluded "" to the sitemap.xml
  • ProExclude Categories
  • ProExclude Products
  • ProExclude Manufacturers
  • ProExcluded "" from the sitemap.xml
Sitemap Xml plugin - FAQs
  1. Download Sitemap Xml plugin - download link
  2. Extract the package
  3. Copy ima9ines.Nop.SitemapXml folder, and then paste it under Plugins folder
  4. Go to Admin > Configuration > Plugins > Local plugins
  5. In the Local plugins page, click on the Reload list of plugins button
  6. Navigate to the ima9ines - Sitemap Xml plugin, click on the Install button
  7. After it installed, click on the Edit button, and then enable it