GetSiteControl Widgets plugin

Perfect widgets for your website: surveys, lead forms, contact forms, live chats, popups, social media buttons — all in one place!
GetSiteControl Widgets plugin - FAQs
  1. Download GetSiteControl Widgets plugin - download link
  2. Extract the package
  3. Copy ima9ines.Nop.GetSiteControl folder, and then paste it under Plugins folder
  4. Go to Admin > Configuration > Plugins > Local plugins
  5. In the Local plugins page, click on the Reload list of plugins button
  6. Navigate to the ima9ines - GetSiteControl Integration plugin, click on the Install button
  7. After it installed, click on the Edit button, and then enable it
Existing reviews
Great Support
Thank you so much guys help me to install the plugin on nopcommerce, it was great work from by changed all necessary code to work on nop theme.
Elis | 2/3/2018 12:04 AM

Subscribe widget

The Subscribe widget is a customizable opt-in form that will help you get more email subscribers. Easily create a custom popup, bar or button for your website, add custom images and adjust the colors to match your website design.

Contact widget

The Contact widget is a customizable contact form for your website and a great way to communicate with website visitors.
You can invite them to send you ideas and suggestions, ask questions, report problems or even place orders via the form. Make your visitors feel more comfortable by offering them an easy way to contact you, inquire about your services or place an order.

Promo widget

The Promo widget is a customizable website notification that tells your website visitors what page they should visit next.
The Promo widget comes handy whenever you need to show a notice or alert, promote a new campaign or product, draw your visitors’ attention to the most important content, share company events or news or just drive users directly to the purchase page. Create popups, bars, buttons or panels in 5 minutes!

Survey widget

Conducting an online survey is a great way to learn what you are doing right and where you can improve. Add the Survey widget to your website to get instant feedback on new product features, your marketing strategies or price policy.

Follow widget

The versatile Follow widget lets you easily add social media 'Follow' buttons, 'Follow Us' bars or popups to your website.
Add custom images and adjust the colors to match your website design.
Create a unique Follow widget to grow your social media following.

Share widget

Use the versatile Share widget to create sharing buttons, bars or popups for your website. Make it easy for your website visitors to spread the word around by liking, sharing, retweeting and pinning your website content. Encourage your users to share your products on social media to increase traffic and brand awareness.

Chat widget

Add live chat to your website to talk to your website visitors in real-time. Help existing customers and prospects instantly solve issues and find answers to their questions to provide better customer service, increase engagement and sales.
Chat with your customers right from the Slack dashboard, desktop app or mobile app!

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