Enhanced Blog plugin

Enhanced Blog plugin - Features
  • FreeManage Blog Groups
  • FreeManage Blog Posts (with extra information)
  • FreeManage Blog Group Templates
  • FreeManage Blog Post Templates
  • ProShow in Pages (for Blog Groups)
  • ProShow in Pages (for Blog Posts)
  • ProNot show in Pages (for Blog Groups)
  • ProNot show in Pages (for Blog Posts)
Enhanced Blog plugin - FAQs
  1. Download Enhanced Blog plugin - download link
  2. Extract the package
  3. Copy ima9ines.Nop.EnhancedBlog folder, and then paste it under Plugins folder
  4. Go to Admin > Configuration > Plugins > Local plugins
  5. In the Local plugins page, click on the Reload list of plugins button
  6. Navigate to the ima9ines - Enhanced Blog plugin, click on the Install button
  7. After it installed, click on the Edit button, and then enable it
Existing reviews
Blog Group Categories
There is no edit for group Categories
Lancer | 5/28/2020 1:42 PM
Blog Map Blog
when I click extended blog and try to map a blog it will automatically stop the debugging of visual studio why? I'am running default nopcommerce v3.90 source
Lancer | 5/28/2020 2:47 PM

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