Disqus plugin

Disqus helps publishers increase engagement and build loyal audiences

Engage your audience

The internet's favorite comment plug-in makes it easy for publishers to bring their content to life, fuel colorful discussions, efficiently moderate comments, and build engaged communities

Retain your readers

Convert casual readers into regular contributors. Disqus helps publishers capture readers and keep them coming back for more with robust sign-in options, cross-site notifications and more.

Understand your success

Audience Analytics provide actionable audience insights, helping publishers to understand their audience, monitor engagement, and optimize content strategy.

Monetize engagement

Turn engagement into revenue with new inventory through Disqus and highly configurable ad serving from top demand partners on your site.

Disqus plugin - nopCommerce v3.90
Disqus plugin - 3.90
Disqus plugin - nopCommerce versions 3.40 tod 3.80
Disqus plugin - 3.40 to 3.80
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